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This 76 page PDF workbook explores many essential music theory topics as related to the trumpet. "Music Theory for Trumpet Players" is meant to be used in conjunction with regular lessons as a way to learn notes, scales, and rhythm away from the horn. Recommended for age 11 and up. 

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From the Introduction:


"I have been playing the trumpet since 2011 and have been teaching since 2015. Luckily since I am a pianist as well, the music theory books that are on the market – keyboard theory- make sense to me. However, since many of my students are recreational players, the bass clef, SATB analysis, and other keyboard specific elements are not useful information. Things that are essential are the harmonic series, alternate fingerings, and transposition. The goal of this book is to allow independent/at home learning of the basics of music to allow more time in lessons for actual playing. It is essential that each student read and understand each concept, try their best at the exercises and bring any questions to their next lesson."

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